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Salt Air Village

Salt Air Village is a condominium cottage colony located in Dennis Port, MA. Originating in 1946 by Robert and Carolyn Cummings, Cape natives with long family histories in the area, Salt Air Village began with a few small seasonal cottages sold to families who would pay an annual lease on the land. Over the years, more families came to Salt Air Village and purchased cottages to enjoy summers on Cape Cod, and now 118 units exist on the property today. While some units have changed hands over the years, many remain within the same families who originally purchased in the '50s and '60s. In 2019, the Village transitioned to a condominium form of ownership to preserve and memorialize the way of life as it has been for generations of villagers. ​

The Legacy of Salt Air Village

A documentary telling the story and legacy of Salt Air Village and its 118 charming cottages all nestled by the ocean in Dennis Port, MA. Its a story about a way of life that continues to this day for the people of the village that call it home.

Sandy Beach

Salt Air Village personifies quintessential Cape Cod with a history like no other. With great beaches, restaurants, friends, and family, enjoy all that Salt Air Village has to offer!

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